Pan and tilt camera

Inspection range DN 150 and up


The IBAK ORPHEUS 2/3 HD is a high resolution pan and rotate camera for the Full HD sewer inspection system.

IBAK is the pioneer of this technology on the market and provides a system with which videos can be created, transmitted, displayed, processed and archived in full HD quality. The ORPHEUS 2/3 HD camera is equipped with an image sensor in full HD format (1920 x 1080 = 2.08 million pixels) which has approximately 5 times as many pixels as a conventional PAL sensor.

The picture transmission is entirely digital, from the generation of the image in the camera head through to display and storage in the control unit. Thus, the camera image produced is of unrivalled quality in terms of resolution and colour fidelity. The full HD resolution of the ORPHEUS 2/3 HD is transmitted via optical fibre and highly efficiently compressed using the H.264 standard.

With its vertical image resolution of 1080 pixels, the ORPHEUS 2/3 HD fulfils the requirements of the DWA advisory leaflet M149-5 for the inspection of large diameter pipes (e.g. the required vertical resolution of at least 1000 pixels for DN 1000 pipes). Besides high resolution digital image generation, the ORPHEUS 2/3 HD has all the important functions of a conventional pan and rotate camera such as a 10x optical zoom, automatic image routines and easy-to-handle defects measurement during inspections in the sewer.

In addition, it features a 10x optical zoom and an integrated laser measurement system with two lasers. With the Laser-Scan deformation measurement system, analysis of deformation is possible over the entire length of the section. The measurement is performed during the return journey out of the sewer via two laser points positioned on the inner pipe wall. The camera is set in rotation and the complete profile of the section is scanned. This produces a spiral pattern of laser measuring points which are analysed by the software and displayed both in graphical form and as a report.

The ORPHEUS 3 HD is also offered with explosion protection. All data are displayed and processed in the IKAS evolution software.