Interaktives Wiedergabe-Tool

Interaktives Abspielen von PANORAMO Filmen


The IBAK PANORAMO Viewer is a powerful tool for interactive playback of PANORAMO movies.

Download PANORAMO Viewer

With this viewer, you can watch PANORAMO movies (* .IPF) and PANORAMO scan files (* .IPS).

Unlike a video from a conventional pan and tilt camera, which only shows the section of view saved at the time of recording, the IBAK PANORAMO SI viewer software provides a seamless inspection of the manhole. The inspector can stop at any position in the manhole, pan 360°, zoom and save snapshots.

An unfolded view of the manhole can be generated at the same time. This gives a rapid overview of the of the structure's condition and enables the user to measure objects on the manhole walls.

point cloud

With a special procedure, a point cloud can be created after creating a PANORAMO manhole scan. In this process, a variety of measurement points are detected based on the optical image information.

With the help of these points, the structure (geometric shape) of the manhole can be graphically displayed in the point cloud measurement. In this representation, different measurements are possible.