Flushing nozzles

Inspection range DN 100 and up


IBAK PHOBOS flushing nozzles provide maximum forward drive and range with push rod systems. At the same time, the IBAK flushing nozzles produce a certain cleaning effect so that ground sewers and laterals can be inspected and also cleaned, depending on the degree of soiling, in a single operation.

An ORION L, a POLARIS or a NANO L and an IBAK flushing nozzle with a push rod system or the LISY satellite inspection system are tried and tested combinations. The flushing nozzles are supplied with water from a high pressure jetter. The PHOBOS models are designed for efficiency and energy saving. The interior design of the nozzle ensures that the water jet is directed such that no vortices are formed as these would cause the energy to dissipate. In addition to maximum forward drive power for long ranges, both the PHOBOS 2.1 and the PHOBOS 3D are equipped with a lens-cleaning function. If the camera lens is dirty, it does not have to be withdrawn and cleaned outside the pipe in order to enable a good view again. This saves the user a considerable amount of time. Older PHOBOS 3D models can be retrofitted in order to also provide a lens-cleaning function.

The PHOBOS 2.1 is a flushing nozzle that can be operated with the Perfect or Magic Push Rod of the IBAK push rod systems MicroLite and MiniLite and the LISY satellite system. The lens-cleaning function is integrated.

The PHOBOS 3D offers the same same range of functions as the PHOBOS 2.1. In addition, it serves as a camera guide device to keep the inspection camera parallel to the pipe wall during 3D-GeoSense pipe run measurements. In mid-2019, the PHOBOS 3D was reworked; the lens cleaning function is now serially integrated into the current models and the strain relief of the cables was improved by a modification to the design. The PHOBOS 3D is available with 72mm ø for the ORION and the POLARIS and with 60 mm ø for the NANO.

The PHOBOS 4, like the PHOBOS 2.1, is designed to provide a maximum range. Two forward-facing water jets can be switched on additionally. These loosen dirt deposits in front of the camera to allow it to pass. As the camera moves over it, the loosened material is flushed out of the pipe. If the forward water jet is switched on additionally, this also makes it easier to withdraw the nozzle during flushing operations.

The main application of the PHOBOS 1 is cleaning pipes. It achieves optimum cleaning results thanks to the layout of its 5 nozzle inserts and a shallow jetting angle of 30°.