Pan and tilt camera

Inspection range DN 100 and up


The IBAK POLARIS pushrod camera was designed to satisfy the demand for a bend capable camera suitable for bends of 90° with a 100% field of view.

The POLARIS has been developed into a pan and tilt camera capable of working in pipes of DN 100 and up.
The camera‘s position at the very front of the device means that no precision guide is visible in the images shown during inspections.

The POLARIS is compatible with IBAK‘s LISY satellite system and with the MiniLite and MobiLite pushrod camera systems.

Two pre-settable focus-point save points make the joint inspection panning process even more convenient. Since frequent refocusing is no longer necessary, the user can reach the targeted position even faster.

IBAK POLARIS – The benefits at a glance
The POLARIS is our new divertable camera for branched pipes from DN100 upwards.


  • 360° panning to inspect joints
  • 100% free field of view
  • Automatic return to zero function
  • Programmable approach to viewing positions
  • Inspection without water-jet driving possible
  • Provides an alternative to the ORION and ORION L
  • With panning and tilting function
  • Panning range +/- 120°
  • Viewing angle +/- 150°
  • High-performance Power-LED lighting
  • Upright picture control in push operation
  • Integrated location transwithter
    (can be operated by remote control)
  • Explosion protection optional
  • Interior pressure monitoring
  • Laser measurement