Camera tractor

Inspection range DN 150 and up


The IBAK T 76 is a robust and steerable camera tractor for the inspection of sewers of DN 150 and up.

In combination with a lowering device, the vertically and horizontally bendable folding connector for the camera cable and the bendable camera connection assure easy handling. The camera tractor can be easily and conveniently introduced into any pipe of DN 150 and up – with the corresponding accessories also through manholes with diameters of DN 300 and DN 400 and up.

The wheel sets are supplied with the camera tractor and the optional integrated electronic height adjusting device; this allows convenient inspections with a centred camera in pipe diameters up to DN 700 For pipes with larger diameters, suitable accessories are available.

The T 76 has an electronic stabilising function which automatically guides the camera tractor back into the pipe invert if its position deviates. All components and sub-assemblies are designed for maximum robustness and reliability. The T 76 as well as the T 86 are designed as a modular system consisting of the tractor base, the camera base, a positioning unit and wheels. Both tractors can be easily assembled and reconfigured as necessary by the user with just a few manual actions required.

Customers with an IBAK KRA 75 or 85 can use their existing wheels on the T 76 and the T 86 too.