Hands-on: Grouting mortar with the MicroGator

Cutting users' meeting with exchange of experience and practical workshops in Kiel.

At the cutter users' meeting in Kiel last week, practical experience was exchanged on all common cutting jobs and maintenance work was carried out under the guidance of technicians. One of the 5 workshops dealt with the topic of grout injection for lateral integration.

In live demonstrations, Tim Hermes from Hermes Technologies GmbH & Co. KG and Thomas Bittmann from DiTom GmbH impressively showed how the permanent integration of laterals can be successfully performed with the formwork system connected to the MicroGator cutting robot.

Hands-on: Fräser-Anwendertreffen mit Praxisfokus und Erfahrungsaustausch | Workshop 3

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The system is designed in particular for use with pressing groundwater in non-accessible sewers from DN 200 to DN 800. Any locally existing bedding deficits can be remedied with the injection method from within the sewer by a continuous and unlimited supply of material. The work steps are monitored by visual observation of the procedure by the CutterCam colour pan camera. The shield and the pipe stopper can be precisely positioned and optimally aligned with the MicroGator.