Workshop trip "Rund ums Rohr" 2022

For the 14th time, IBAK hosted the "Rund ums Rohr" seminar on the ferry to Oslo and back at the end of September 2022.

Moderator Prof. Jens Hölterhoff welcomed more than 160 participants on the high seas for professional exchanges.

While innovative approaches and current challenges were in focus on the way to Oslo, the following day was dedicated to basics, experience and the limits of selected technologies. The wide range of topics was presented in depth and given practical relevance by the speakers with multi-faceted professional backgrounds. Additions and contributions from the auditorium led to a lively exchange, which continued outside the conference hall.

We are pleased about the positive response to the format in a maritime ambience and thank you very much for your support and participation.

IBAK Seminarreise "Rund ums Rohr" 2022 - Fachlicher Austausch auf hoher See

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