IBAK IKAS evolution

IKAS evolution

The new generation of the powerful sewer analysis software, IKAS

IKAS evolution

IKAS evolution is the new generation of the efficient sewer analysis software IKAS. On the basis of a completely newly developed software platform, the new concept implements IBAK‘s many years of knowhow in the acquisition and analysis of sewer inspection data.

The operator is offered modern and efficient user guidance. Thanks to intuitive operating procedures, after a short familiarisation period, the inspector is already in full control of the acquisision and analysis of sewer data in all complexity.
IKAS evolution is configurable for all commonly used sets of rules and standards and client requirements on condition assessment – naturally also in accordance with EN 13508-2. The software is available for IBAK modular systems (vehicle-based), vehicle-independent systems with a BK3.5 control device, IBAK push rod systems and office workstations. As a workflow system, IKAS evolution can be precisely adapted to the project requirements.
IKAS evolution can be equipped with the appropriate sewer data interfaces to suit the wishes of the client. So all possibilites of the inspection system can be used comprehensively. At the same time, the various measurement options can be applied according to need.
The requirements of individual clients can be managed in the order rules. Here, among other things, the MPEG format, the sewer data interface, settings for the data video overlay and, if applicable, extensive client-specific reference tables can be stored. So the user can create a new project at any time with all the settings that are important to the client in question.

Inspection Assistant with 100% data control

During the inspection, it is important that only the control elements required for the current task situation are displayed to the user. On the other hand, the user must be in a position to react flexibly to specific occurrences. For example, if the master data for a measurement are missing or the position of the pipe is different to expected, the requirements change and other control elements are needed. IKAS evolution provides the user with a tool which allows him to react easily to such particular circumstances.
Without any bewildering dialogue guidance, it is possible to switch over from the Inspection Assistant to the network graphics with the pipe run preview, the master or inspection data, the PC video image or even to the inspection settings.


One-Click Data Transfer

In the data transfer dialogue, the entire inspection results can be compiled quickly and in a user-friendly way. Of course, the inspection results can also be transferred to the client in a completely digital and paperless form with a free-of-charge view-only program – the IKAS evolution Viewer. With the Viewer, the customer has at his disposal a small information system that can also display sewer network graphics.
In the dialogue, all settings can be made quickly and clearly. This makes it easy to fulfil the customers‘ wishes and requirements with regard to the data exchange file, reports, statistics, film names, etc. The effects of the settings are immediately shown in the preview.


Operating Concept of the Software Platform

IKAS evolution is part of the IBAK software portfolio that is based on the new line of products with a standard operating concept. If you are familiar with one program, you can also operate the next one. An operating concept that is known in the field of aeronautics as the airbus principle. If you know the cockpit of one aircraft type, you are also at home in the next aircraft.


The IBAK software product portfolio already includes:

IKAS evolution: Sewer database and inspection
IKAS SanPlan: Rehabilitation planning
IKAS Cleaner: Cleaning data
IKAS Gator: Rehabilitation report
IRIS: Drainage system resident information and process control
The IKAS programs are of modular design and are optionally equipped with interfaces to all common sewer and GIS databases. IBAK IKIS is a sewer data manager that provides excellent service as a central sewer data station.


IKAS evolution – The Most Important Functions

Easy operation and intuitive user guidance minimize the familiarisation time and ensure an efficient workflow.
The desktop always optimally matches the operating situation. So the display of unnecessary information and control elements is avoided.
Special buttons (hotkeys) for the next processing step accelerate the workflow.
Graphical implementation of the inspection from the integrated GIS view.
Report generation: master, inspection and photo reports, statistics.
Touchscreen operation is possible without a hardware keyboard.
Easy-to-understand icons increase the reliability of the norm-compliant defect coding.
Enhanced data security thanks to permanent plausibility checks.
Project management with integrated client and order rule management.
Compatible with IKAS 32 data (import and export of *.i32 files).
Data Transfer Assistant including free-of-charge IKAS evolution Viewer licence.
IKAS evolution Viewer for the client – the mini SIS without installation.
Various export possibilites to PDF, Excel, Word, HTML, CSV.
Can be linked with PANORAMO.


IKAS evolution: Examples of Options

MPEG Digitization Depending on which hardware is used, MPEG1, 2, 4 videos are generated; for HD videos, MPEG-4 H264 is recorded.
Measurements Defects measurement, deformation, diameter, tilt, temperature measurement, pipe run, hydro - static level measurement
PANORAMO Analysis Condition data acquisition (analysis) of PANORAMO films with the efficient PANORAMO Assis - tant for section and manhole scans
PANORAMO SI Measurement of three-dimensional objects in manholes
Video Analysis Retroactive condition data collection from previously recorded videos
Import of Measurement Data Import of measurement data (incl. coordinates) for sewer master data
NAVIGATOR® Visual measurement of bends and connecting pieces (branches) during a line inspection. Result: Direction and angle
MAP Viewer Optical measurement of bends and pipe connections (branches) during lateral inspections. Results: direction and angle.
MAP Editor The integrated GIS view. Graphical presentation of sewer networks, background plans and map material. GPS linkage and presentation of the location. Three-dimensional presentation of mainli - ne and lateral networks
MAP Route Assistant Digitization (creation) of sewer network maps. Graphical creation and editing of sewer networks for digitization, planning and correction.
3D-GeoSense Automatic calculation of the pipe run from the TV inspection data or GeoSense measurement with real-time presentation during the inspection. Assistant functions for processing and adapting the run of the network run to fixed points, orientation points and level measuring points.
Hydrostatic Level Mea - surement Measurement of the pipe run with IBAK 3D-GeoSense. For laterals (push rod/flushing operation) and sections (camera tractor operation)
Sewer Data Interfaces, Order Rule Management Pointwise measurement of levels in pipes with an IBAK sewer inspection system with a flushing unit
Classification and Assessment Data formats: IBAK (ISF), IKIS4, DWA M150, DWA M149-2, ISYBAU 96 to XML, coding WRc, CEN 13508-2 incl. annexes (EuroDSS) … Project settings (coding, reference tables, data overlay, MPEG formats,...) can be configured once and then called up and used with one click
Rehabilitation Planning Rehabilitation planning with distinction between alternatives (repair, renovation, etc.) and plan - ning stages (preliminary, basic, implementation planning,...), comparison of costs, rehabilitation measures from a hierarchical table of techniques etc., etc.