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IFAT 2018: Update on Sewer Rehabilitation

At this year's IFAT, IBAK Robotics presented the new generation of cutting and grinding robots. The cutter head of the MicroGator that masters the whole range of pipe diameters from relined DN 200 to DN 800, rotated incessantly for five days. On the lateral sector, the bend-capable push rod cutter NanoGator was also on show from May 4 to May 8, 2018.

For more than 50 years, the IFAT has been the trend-setter for the environment technology industry. According to the organisers, 142,472 visitors swarmed through the exhibition halls in Munich. IBAK Robotics took advantage of this platform for a technically profound presentation of  the user-oriented results of their development and test work. In addition to the high gloss polished exhibits in the hall, the electric cutting robots MicroGator and NanoGator gave a practically oriented demonstration of their suitability for daily use in the open air area.

Only a few steps away from the demonstration pipe run for the NanoGator lateral cutter, the MicroGator for large diameter pipes was in continuous operation. This did not disrupt the technical discussions at all, because above all, what it certainly wasn't was loud.

The wet weather in Munich had turned the cutting dust from the concrete pipe into sludge. This was an excellent opportunity to give the IFAT visitors a vivid demonstration of the CutterCam's cleaning function. The effect can be clearly seen in the video recording of the live demonstration.