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MultiGator with Reparo-System

The MultiGator is a flexible, electrically operated basic robot from IBAK Robotics, on which the reconstruction components, such as the Reparo-System injection sealing unit, can be connected. Thanks to the modular structure of the IBAK Robotics systems, the robot can also be connected on existing cutting systems.

MultiGator with Reparo-System

The MultiGator is designed for use with DN 250 to DN 600 pipes, and like the AlliGator and the MiniGator, it has a pan and rotate colour camera that provides video images of the work area. In addition, it can be centrally fixed in the pipe via an air and clamping system. This contributes to stability in the pipe and better traction in movement operation. The flexible connection makes it easier to use inside the sewer and offers excellent handling for the user. The components of the MultiGator are pressure monitored. Through this
measure, leaks are detected early on and system damage is avoided. The IBAK Robotics Reparo-System combined with the MultiGator enables trouble-free rest orationand integration of laterals. The injection sealing process can be used in pipe dimensions from DN 250 to DN 600, and makes it possible to even fill larger spalling areas with material, as it carries 3 litres of injection resin in the respective cartridge. The Reparo-System coupled with the MultiGator is positioned at the pipe joint opening under camera observation. First the shield and then silicone bladder for the side branches are pneumatically pressed against the sewer pipe wall. In this process, the pressures for shield and bladder can be regulated independently from each other, and can be reproduced and controlled at any time via a digital pressure display. To fill the damaged area with material, resin from the cartridge is pressed into the intermediate spaces that need to be filled through two openings in the injection shield. Through controlled addition of heat, the resin hardens quickly and in a defined manner. The entire positioning and injection process can be observed through the three cameras; two of the video images can be shown on the monitors simultaneously. Through the BUS system used, the operator gets feedback from the sewer at all times (e.g. concerning temperature development), thus the repair process is always executed in a manner that is controllable and documented. Thanks to the modular system structure, the unit, consisting of MultiGator and Reparo-System can be operated on the same equipment as the IBAK Robotics cutters.

IBAK MultiGator

Advantages at a glance:

  • Through the BUS system you receive information at all times concerning the course of the injection process ("response from the sewer").
  • It is possible to carry a relatively large quantity of material.
  • Reliability through protection of all hoses and pipes.
  • A high work speed is achieved through minimisation of the holding time (fast hardening and temperature control).
  • Separate, and thus specific air control, is possible directly on the device.
  • Ideal process control through optimal camera monitoring.
  • Easy placement in the sewer through hinged joints.
  • Appropriate for use of different resins.
  • Connection on existing cutting systems is possible