Panoramo 4K System

Panoramo 4K System

The IBAK PANORAMO 4K System consists of the camera system and an associated winch with 300 m (KW 310 (4K)) or optionally 500 m (KW 505 (4K)) of specialized camera cable with two fibre optic conductors in the cable. The complete system is operated with the tried and tested control systems BS 7 or BS 5.

The PANORAMO 4K System features a world-wide unique scanner technology for highly efficient sewer inspection which enables pipes to be scanned at a considerably higher speed with 4K resolution. Unlike conventional video recordings, scanning is performed by 2 digital cameras with 185° fisheye lenses which take photos at 5 cm intervals. These are then put together automatically such that a true 3D interior view of the complete pipe is created. This enables the condition assessment to be performed in the office at a different time, independently of the actual scan, and the observer can move freely in the sewer, as it were, without any limitations to the view.

On the basis of its proven technology, the PANORAMO product line has been further improved over the last few years. The result is a much more brilliant image still with 4K resolution. The abbreviation 4K stands for 4000 and means the approximate number of horizontal picture elements (3840 x 1920 pixels). So this means that the resolution is four times as high as full HD. To achieve such brilliance and to allow this high resolution to be displayed on the monitor and stored, the transmission path has been revolutionised. For the first time in the history of IBAK, a Gigabit Ethernet Standard is being used for the transmission of the images and other data. With this technology, a data transmission rate of up to a billion bits (one gigabit) per second is possible. As IBAK has very positive long-time experience in the implementation of fibre optic technology, with the Gigabit Ethernet Standard, 2 fibre optic conductors have also been used in the cable.

PANORAMO technology forms the basis for the comprehensive identification, documentation and measurement of defects and for the future use of PANORAMO ArtIST (Artificial Intelligence Software Tool). PANORAMO ArtIST is built upon software which recognizes defects and branch sewers, etc. automatedly using artificial intelligence techniques and helps the operator to identify and document defects more efficiently and partially automatically. PANORAMO technology provides an optimum foundation for this because 100% of the pipe is analysed and not only partial areas of it as may be the case with pan and rotate camera inspections.