Lateral inspection module for T 76 and T 86

Inspection range DN 150 and up


The IBAK LISY3 module turns the IBAK camera tractors T 76 and T 86 into a lateral inspection system.

It can be operated in mainline sewers of DN 150 diameter upwards. An articulated joint allows easy entry into sewers, even where there is a bend in the sewer. With the plug-in height adjustable elements contained in the assembly kit, the camera tractor can be easily adapted to the pipe diameter with LISY 3.

Using LISY 3, laterals of DN 100 and up can be inspected from mainline sewers. The LISYCam 3 attachable control camera, which is used to continuously monitor the position of the equipment and which assists with inserting and forward feeding of the inspection camera, assures a seamless work flow.

For cleaning and inspection in a single operation, a PHOBOS series flushing nozzle can be attached to the push rod of the KW LISY synchronous winch or the KT 220.

The LISY 3, in combination with the T 76 / T 86 camera tractor, is a robust and durable inspection system which meets individual requirements and not only its high advancing speed but also its easy handling make it very appealing.